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LUNCH 2: The Solutions
A new follow up documentary currently in production

We made LUNCH leading up to the passage of the "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010," and showed the film to Congress. Now that the act has passed and has been signed into law, we have made a follow-up film that looks at the progress following the Act, and focuses on the places that we are still lacking.

LUNCH 2 features parents, teachers, farmers, and schools that have contributed to the recent improvements in the school lunch program. With the necessary funds, The Bird’s Nest Foundation’s Production team will be able to travel to places like Boston and Washington DC to document experts willing to share their solutions to the poor nutritional value of school lunches.

With this film, we want to help end childhood onset diabetes, blood pressure, and dangerously high cholesterol, which all result from an unhealthy diet. It all starts here in our nation’s school cafeterias!

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