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Avis Gold Richards

Avis Gold Richards is the Founder and CEO of Birds Nest Foundation™, a 501(c)3 non-profit creative group that produces high-quality documentaries, short videos and public service announcements (PSAs) for charitable organizations. An award-winning Executive Producer and Director, Avis has produced and directed over 50 films and multiple websites and events. The goal of Birds Nest Foundation is to provide the media to educate and promote important causes and issues that enable non-profits and other foundations to communicate their messages through "moving pictures." Avis has won more than a dozen Stevie Awards, Telly Awards, Davey Awards, and Aurora Awards for producing non-profit films and videos. The charities that benefit from Avis' work include a host of worthy causes dedicated to improving healthcare and education, serving inner-city youth, protecting against domestic violence, promoting human rights, and defending the environment. Avis is also the Founder of The “Ground Up Campaign™” which provides indoor academic gardens for schools throughout the nation.

Avis is on the Board of Directors for HELP USA (homes for the homeless and less fortunate), Sophie's Voice (Spina Bifida), Bat for the Cure (prostate cancer), Earth Day Network (the environment), and the R Baby Foundation (infant mortality). Avis is a member of the Advisory Board of Joe Torre’s Safe At Home Foundation (domestic violence), Cancer Schmancer (breast cancer early detection), and Mobile Movement (mobile philanthropy). Avis is a "Game Ball" recipient for the Boomer Esiason Foundation (Cystic Fibrosis), a Peloton Project member for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (cancer), and served as an Excalibur award member for the American Cancer Society for which she was also the Gala Event Chair. Avis was a founding member of Gilda's Club (cancer support), for which she developed and chaired the Young Committee Members' Gala.

Avis is on the Advisory Board of, and a content provider for HUM News, which was first incorporated as Human Unlimited Media (a non-profit), that expanded into the for-profit realm with Human Media. Avis sits on the Advisory Board of Renu Mobile, a corporation dedicated to creative mobile applications with minimal environmental footprint and maximum global reach. Avis is an Ambassador for Bicycle for a Day, and environment and health initiative founded by actor Matthew Modine; and was previously involved in promoting Westchester Medical Center Children's Hospital, Auschwitz Jewish Center, Whitby School and St. Phillip's Academy. Avis is an active alumnus of the University of Maryland and in 2010 was honored by the University with its Non-profit Industry Impact Award. Avis was also awarded the 2010 Artivist Award for Advocacy and Leadership.

Avis produced a public television series entitled "LunchNYC" for NYC Media, part of the City of New York Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, after the successful launch of her short documentary, LUNCH, which was sponsored in part by Earth Day Network. Also currently in production is Dylan’s Lunchbox for multiple television markets. The documentary screened and won several awards at film festivals across the United States and has distribution rights in Whole Foods Markets. The film exposes unhealthy foods being served in the public school system across the country and highlights the efforts of individuals actively seeking alternatives to promote nutrition and health.

Avis is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she earned her B.S. degree. She pursued her post-graduate studies at George Washington University and Bank Street College of Education. Avis lives with her husband, two children, and three dogs in New York City.

Israel Bonequi

Creative/Artistic director with over 12 years of experience in visual communications and video production, Israel Bonequi has directed, produced, or collaborated in countless video projects, documentaries and advertisements for broadcast and online distribution and lead projects in design for print and online disptribution as well as e-commerce and interactive applications.

Israel Bonequi’s career originally started in Mexico City performing and collaborating with artists such as Claudio Bermudez and Jorge Castro, acting as musical director for the latter. After moving to Montreal, Canada in 1995, he pursued his formal training in graphic arts and photography at Concordia University.

In 1998, Bonequi started working as a freelance graphic artist and creative director and has since consistently lead successful projects for clients in non-for profit, fashion, retail, financial, pharmaceutical, government and real estate industries.

Israel Bonequi is a member of IDA (International Documentary Association) and currently serves as a judge for the NATAS Nwe York chapter (Emmy Awards) and as preliminary-round judge in The American and International Business Awards. His collaborative work has earned 3 Emmy Nominations, and several Davey, W3, Stevie, Aurora and Telly awards.

Douglas Hollingworth

Douglas Hollingworth is an award winning editor and filmmaker and partner at Equinoxe Graphics.

Hollingworth is a graduate of Concordia University’s Fine Arts program in Montreal where he studied Film and Photography. He is also a graduate of the intensive Film Program at New York University.

Douglas is an experienced video editor, videographer, photographer and filmmaker and a founding member of the M60 Film Festival. His work has been prominently used in many fashion and corporate campaigns.

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